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A picture is worth a 1000 words. A video is worth a 1000 pictures

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Why Bulk MMS Services?

  • MMS Campaign Management from start to end

  • An MMS includes a large amount of information in a single message

  • Text messages up to 5000 characters are supported

  • Sound and video files are supported

  • Provide clients a preview of products or services with visually attractive ads

  • Cost effective and delivered to a wider audience

  • It gives target marketing a new meaning

  • All MMS messages are tracked regarding delivery and open rate

  • Viral marketing becomes inevitable since MMS messages are visually attractive and forwarded

  • Excellent method to ensure improved customer relations and interaction

  • It creates constant brand awareness for your company

  • Send customers a voucher, coupon or ticket via an MMS

  • Send reminder messages with your Company Logo as picture..sure to hit the target and not your budget

Procedure to send bulk MMS messages

  • Simply email your list of contacts to us and we will take care of the sending and make sure it’s delivered

  • Verification of your database per network – regarding handset compatibility, are done free of charge

  • The MMS may contain more than one page, like a PowerPoint slide show

  • Each page may contain text, audio files or video clips

  • Recommended formats: (Image format – jpg / gif) (Text file – .txt) (Movie – 3gp)

  • Suggested image dimensions for a MMS is around 175 x 145

  • Bulk MMS projects (hundreds – thousands) are provided, as MMS messages are supported by all the networks

  • Free creation of an MMS animation if quantity justifies the project, otherwise a separate creation-fee might be applicable

  • Cost per MMS: From R0.99 to R1.65per MMS sent, depending on the project (Max size: 150KB)

  • Once-off actioning fee of R500 ex Vat, might be applicable, depending on the project